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Molecular iDiagnostics for Home Use

by TIRF Labs


uTIRF  - Ultimate TIRF Microscopy Station

uTIRF consists of prism-, lightguide-, and objective-based TIRF; 4X, 40X, and 60X objectives; low light CMOS camera; and 465/532/638 nm illuminator


- Single molecule detection

- Super resolution microscopies

- Assay development

- Real-time microarrays

- Electro-Chemi-Luminescence

- TIRF-Electrochemistry

- TIRF-Dielectrophoresis

Our first collaborators, who joined to the iDiagnostics  project inspired us to develop the uTIRF - a turnkey microscopy station, which implements TIRF of three geometries: prism-, lightguide-, and objective-TIRF.  uTIRF is designed for all development stages: from biomarker discovery, elucidating molecular mechanisms of diseases, to assay development and panels of assay validation. All three geometries are equipped  with closed flow chambers for performing the measurements of kinetics of TIRF microarray response in the real time, and open perfusion chambers, where each spot of the microarray can be accessed and assayed individually. All three geometries can be used with uTIRF station, or taken as add-on accessories for use with an inverted microscope.