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iDiagnostics is the future of precision medicine. With your help we will make iDiagnostics available for all. Additionally, iDiagnostics will help to minimize the risk of humanity self-eradication. iDiagnostics employs TIRF microarray technology; to learn more about TIRF visit

 iDiagnostics for All

nonprofit project, which goal is to develop advanced molecular diagnostics for home use

to reduce the damages caused by naturally occurring diseases  and

to minimize the risks of humanity self-eradication by biological technologies

In collaboration

with  TIRF Labs


TIRF Labs Team

The following scientists and engineers have contributed significantly to the development of TIRF microarray and iDiagnostics technologies: Luis Vaca, Ph.D.; Vladimir Omelyanenko, Ph.D.; Angelica Zepeda, Ph.D.; Alicia Sampieri, Ph.D.; Philip Oldham, Ph.D.; W. William Wilson, Ph.D.; Theodore Winger, Ph.D.; David Sachs, M.S.; Hardie Johnson, B.A.; David Landis, Ph.D.; Ryan Sherry, M.S.; Tyson Weiss, B.A.; Zhanna Brotsman, M.S., Grant Leonhard, Timothy Pike, and Alexander Asanov, Ph.D.

Personal Statement of Lead Scientist

   I, Dr. Alexander Asanov, believe that I am well-suited to lead Phase 1 of the iDiagnostics project. This project logically builds upon my prior work. In 1999-2014, I served as Principal Investigator on several BAA and SBIR grants, awarded by NIH and HSARPA. I assembled and led a team of extraordinary talented and productive scientists and engineers, who have developed a family of innovative TIRF instruments for molecular diagnostics and analysis of biomolecular interactions. My colleagues and I have pioneered several ground breaking discoveries and accumulated unique experience in using the TIRF technique and other analytical methods for life science applications.  I have a broad background in spectroscopy, electrochemistry, surface chemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, nanoengineering, mechanical engineering, and optical engineering, which are key areas for this project. Each of our prior projects resulted in the development of useful TIRF devices and instruments. Our customers from academic and pharmaceutical research groups have generated unique research data using our products, and have published articles in leading scientific journals. I have a record of successful R&D projects in the area of molecular diagnostics and believe that my prior experiences have prepared me well to lead the proposed project.

I am a naturalized U.S. citizen. In 1994, I immigrated from Russia. On my  24th year in the U.S, I feel that I am more American than Russian. My second Motherland recognized my accomplishments and rewarded me more than I could have dreamt of in Russia. I want to give back to society and believe that the development of iDiagnostics is the way, in which I can demonstrate my gratitude to America and the world. Although I have successfully managed all scientific, administrative, financial, and human resources aspects of our prior projects, during Phase 2  of the iDiagnostics project I intend to step down from the position of Chief Executive Officer to a position of Chief Scientific Officer. Respectively, in Phase 1  we will be looking for a candidate for CEO position, whose perception of the goal and the spirit of the iDiagnostics project would be close to ours.

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