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i-Diagnostics® 5D
The Handheld Future of Precision Medicine

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(919) 463 9545

106 Grendon Place,

Cary, 27519,

North Carolina,







Address: TIRFbio, Inc.

251 Dominion Dr Ste #113, RTP, NC 27560

Tel: 919-463-9545


i-Diagnostics is a project performed by TIRFbio, Inc. Currently, we support the project from our small income, which we generate by sales of our existing TIRF products. We seek for The Giving Pledge sponsorship and US Government  grants to make the handheld i-Diagnostics available to everyone, including general public, medical doctors and other professionals.

TIRFbio is an employee-owned small company developing and manufacturing the entire range of TIRF systems, from turnkey TIRF stations to TIRF accessories for microscopy and TIRF supplies. Our team is always seeking talented individuals, who are eager to work at the cutting edge of sciences and technologies, to perform unique scientific and R&D projects.

TIRFbio is an equal opportunity employer, offering an excellent compensation and benefits package, an employee incentive plan, and a corporate environment based on core values of innovation and integrity. We believe that scientists should be responsible for the use of their discoveries in the immediate and remote future. Therefore, our projects in the areas of biological safety and diagnostics pursue the goal of minimizing the risks of naturally occurring and man-made diseases. Contact us, if you are interested to join our team.

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TIRFbio accepts purchase orders from approved institutions for all TIRF products we sell.  Please e-mail your request for price quotation to <>. We accept checks and all credit cards via PayPal. In response to your email, we will send to you money request via PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account to enter your credit card data into the secure PayPal terminal. We also accept wire transfers.