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iDiagnostics is the future of precision medicine. With your help we will make iDiagnostics available for all. Additionally, iDiagnostics will help to minimize the risk of humanity self-eradication. iDiagnostics employs TIRF microarray technology; to learn more about TIRF visit

 iDiagnostics for All

nonprofit project, which goal is to develop advanced molecular diagnostics for home use

to reduce the damages caused by naturally occurring diseases  and

to minimize the risks of humanity self-eradication by biological technologies

In collaboration

with  TIRF Labs


The Ultimate Opportunity to Give Back to Society

We believe that donating to the iDiagnostics project represents the ultimate opportunity for members of The Giving Pledge and similarly positioned individuals to give back to society. The significance of this project for the survival and well-being of mankind is difficult to overestimate. As mentioned above, the iDiagnostics project will minimize the risks of pathogenic catastrophe and deadly medical errors, and will improve many areas of healthcare, by aiding everything from the elucidation of the mechanisms of diseases to early diagnosis and disease prevention.  

In spite of the gigantic commercial potential, this project does not pursue a commercial goal.  We believe that the potential social impact, rather than for-profit intentions, should be the main driving force of the iDiagnostics project.  Private donations and the non-profit status of the iDiagnostics project will create affordable access to this life-saving technology for every family on the globe.

It appears that the involvement of a venture capital firm or other traditional commercial routes would result in the emergence of one more expensive diagnostic technology, which is counterintuitive to our goal that is to make iDiagnostics affordable to everyone. Therefore, we address our quest for funding to members of The Giving Pledge and similarly positioned individuals. We believe that this project represents a truly unique and sensible opportunity to efficiently give back to society. Your support through donations, sponsorships, and/or grants will help to protect humanity, which today remains so fragile under the weight of many perils [1-4]. Thank you so much for your support! :-)

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