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To Create Preventive Medicine to Be a Step Ahead of Any Disease

We inquire The Giving Pledge philanthropists and similarly situated individuals to return back to society by donating to i-Diagnostics project. We also want to return back to society, and therefore, declined the for-profit route to bring our i-Diagnostics products to the market. We want to make them an Open Source, so that thousands of groups worldwide can develop Mega-diagnostics applications. We believe that the i-Diagnostics is a groundbreaking endeavor and an excellent opportunity for philanthropy. It will build global infrastructure, which will prevent pandemics, reduce the cost of healthcare, and allow preventive personalized medicine to be always a step ahead of any disease.

i-Diagnostics can detect virtually all diseases, including COVID-19, other SARS, Ebola, Influenza, MERS, HIV, and Zika viruses, bacterial infections, cancers, cardiovascular, and neurological diseases.  Besides obvious clinical use, it is applicable to food and water safety, agricultural and forensic areas. Diagnostic panels can be broad, but tailored to a single medical issue, for example, breast or prostate cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, or longevity applications. Running a molecular marker profile at home would make doctors’ time more productive and insurance more affordable.


The downside of complex mega-diagnostic panels is that they require major R&D efforts. We envision that a large database of research groups worldwide encouraged by the advantages of the Open Source of i-Diagnostics platform will develop thousands applications based on their unique areas of expertise, which will naturally create the infrastructure preventing emergence and spread of infections. Approximately a hundred of our current customers have made the first step towards creating the infrastructure. In 2020 alone we received 200+ of new inquiries.  We believe that the Open Source status is critically important for this purpose, while cost-efficient hardware of i-Diagnostics is essential for broad market acceptance.

The current pandemic demonstrated the need for a rapid and accurate diagnostics to prevent spreading of infections. In 2008-16, the US government granted TIRFbio $4.3M in BAA and SBIR awards to develop such diagnostics. We, the team of scientists and engineers, excelled in our Phase 1 efforts, invented and prototyped i-Diagnostics, an emerging platform technology, which is suitable for a broad range of applications from the detection of viral infections to cancer panels and longevity prognosis. With the capability of testing over 100 different markers simultaneously, we believe that our invention opens a new era of Mega-Diagnostics, where 1 test can replace a dozen of current tests.

The underlying technology of our platform is the TIRF effect, which provides an extremely thin layer of excitation light (~100 nm), thus removing the background interference, maximizing the sensitivity, and minimizing false-positive & false-negative responses. In our current line of commercially available research-grade products the TIRF effect allows for detecting single molecules. While these large-size systems are competing with Zeiss, Nikon, Leica and Olympus, there is no competition and no analogy to our handheld i-Diagnostics device.

Nanotechnology and microfluidics combined with molecular beacon bioassays resulted in major gains in sensitivity and data reliability of our devices. In 2015-16 the US Department of Defense highly ranked our benchtop and portable TIRF microarray systems for applications at the defense arena. The final step allowing drastically reducing the cost of i-Diagnostics was inspired by Nature. We found that silk fibroin, a protein used by spiders for the web, enhances the signal of TIRF microarrays to the level that can be detected by a phone camera, thus making our platform affordable even for home use. Our target cost for the reader to be below $400 and cartridges below $10.

The following list of features places i-Diagnostics into uniquely advantageous position:

Ultimate sensitivity provides the capability of detecting early stages of diseases.

Superior confidence ensures minimal rate of false-positive and false-negative responses.

Fast detection provides test results within 5 minutes - simplifying logistics.

Minimal requirement to sample preparation allows for home use.

Mega-diagnostics: single cartridge can quantitatively measure over 100 different markers.

Simultaneous detection of DNA, RNA, proteins, and metabolite biomarkers.

With Phase 1 already being completed, TIRFbio is looking to raise 69 million USD for Phase 2.

In Phase 2 we plan to refine the application development tools that will be shared with the diagnostics research community. We also plan to upgrade the handheld i-Diagnostics and start manufacturing. We will develop several applications in our lab. However, the main goal is to create global infrastructure with a broad range of FDA-approved applications to prevent spread and emergence of infections.

We are delighted to invite you to become a part of this unique opportunity. We believe that it will revolutionize the current state of medicine, improve the quality and reduce the cost of healthcare by billions.

Let’s change the future of healthcare together to be always a step ahead of any disease.




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