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iDiagnostics is the future of precision medicine. With your help we will make iDiagnostics available for all. Additionally, iDiagnostics will help to minimize the risk of humanity self-eradication. iDiagnostics employs TIRF microarray technology; to learn more about TIRF visit

 iDiagnostics for All

nonprofit project, which goal is to develop advanced molecular diagnostics for home use

to reduce the damages caused by naturally occurring diseases  and

to minimize the risks of humanity self-eradication by biological technologies

In collaboration

with  TIRF Labs


Open Innovation Business Model

The scale of this project is very large; it is impossible for a single firm to address the numerous challenges. We envision collective global effort of scientists, engineers, businessmen, and administrators in the framework of open innovation business model. By the beginning of 2018, six research groups worldwide have already joined the iDiagnostics project. Several other groups have expressed their interest in joining. We would like to invite more research groups to join this global effort, and are planning to intensively advertise our efforts and provide comprehensive support to our collaborators.  

This project will be using the Open Innovation Business Model, which stimulates the exchange of Intellectual Property (IP) between collaborators. TIRF Labs will supply unique hardware, software, cartridge blanks, development tools, reagent kits, methods and protocols to our collaborators to help interface their existing bioassays with the iDiagnostics platform and develop new assays. TIRF Labs will be delighted to license the IP of our collaborators and will offer them the opportunity to license our IP (in certain instances free of charge) to develop precise, rapid, and still affordable devices for molecular diagnosis and prognosis.

  Biodetection Station uTIRF. The feedback that we have received from our first collaborators has inspired us to develop a versatile instrument, uTIRF Biodetection Station, which is designed for different tasks  at the development stage from biomarker discovery to clinical testing. There are dozens of other applications related to molecular diagnostics, biomarker discovery, elucidating the mechanisms of disease, routine clinical analyses, and even the measurement of chemical analytes, where the uTIRF Biodetection Station can be used for as well. uTIRF is sensitive down to single molecules and is easy to use for numerous lifescience applications.

The project will be performed in two phases. In Phase 1, TIRF Labs will supply the uTIRF Biodetection Station and iDiagnostics Application Development Kit (ADK) to other research groups that are working in the area of molecular diagnostics. The ADK and uTIRF will facilitate the initial stages of the diagnostic cycle, i.e. creating panels of biomarkers, assay development and validation, and clinical testing. In Phase 2, which will start in 18-24 months after the beginning of Phase 1, we will start manufacturing iDiagnostics devices and begin supplying them to all interested parties, including the general public. Applications for the iDiagnostics platform include the diagnosis and prognosis of cancer, heart diseases, infectious diseases, longevity studies, food and water safety, military, forensic, environmental, and agricultural applications, as well as disease prevention actions and counter-measures against bioterrorism and naturally occurring diseases. For more information contact us by email:

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