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iDiagnostics is the future of precision medicine. With your help we will make iDiagnostics available for all. Additionally, iDiagnostics will help to minimize the risk of humanity self-eradication. iDiagnostics employs TIRF microarray technology; to learn more about TIRF visit

 iDiagnostics for All

nonprofit project, which goal is to develop advanced molecular diagnostics for home use

to reduce the damages caused by naturally occurring diseases  and

to minimize the risks of humanity self-eradication by biological technologies

In collaboration

with  TIRF Labs


The Goal of the iDiagnostics Project

The goal of this project is to provide accurate diagnostics for home use to every family on the globe. We envision a handheld device, called iDiagnostics, that uses a cellphone’s camera to measure the response of a real-time Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) microarray. Unlike alternative methods that detect only one class of biomarkers and, therefore, are inaccurate, TIRF microarrays measure the concentrations of several classes of biomarkers, including proteins, nucleic acids, and metabolites.  iDiagnostics’ unsurpassed accuracy comes from its ability to detect these biomarkers simultaneously with minimal-to-no sample preparation. Despite all of these seemingly complex things, iDiagnostics is inexpensive and user-friendly for home use by minimally trained individuals, similar to the pregnancy test for home us.

As of now, the practice of medicine in the US is extremely imprecise; documented medical errors represent the third-greatest cause of death in the US  [1, 2]. Accurate and affordable technology such as iDiagnostics will dramatically reduce the number of medical errors. Additionally, iDiagnostics will improve humanity’s chances for survival in the long run. Global security experts concur that naturally occurring pandemics already present a major threat, while man-made synthetic pathogens may pose an even greater risk of the complete self-eradication of mankind [3, 4]. To minimize these risks, the world needs a device such as iDiagnostics. If accurate and rapid diagnostic devices become available not only to first responders and healthcare professionals, but to everyone, then every risk, from medical errors to pathogenic catastrophe, can be minimized.

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